The dataset on Natura 2000 sites was created in 2014 by Cogea for the European Marine Observation and Data Network. It is entirely based on GIS Data from the European Environmental Agency's (EEA), plus additional info, links and selected EEA tabular data joined to the feature attributes, as well as a calculation by Cogea of marine and coastal location of features.Natura 2000 is an ecological network composed of sites designated under the Birds Directive (Special Protection Areas, SPAs) and the Habitats Directive (Sites of Community Importance, SCIs, and Special Areas of Conservation, SACs).The dataset covers the whole EU.The whole dataset is available for download on the EMODnet Human Activities portal. In the webmap the EEA dataset has been filtered by Cogea to show only (i) marine sites, i.e. sites with a marine area percentage higher than 0 (as calculated by the EEA) and (ii) sites that, even if not identified as marine by the EEA, intersect the EEA coastline or that are within a distance of 1 km from the coastline (using a 1 km inner buffer from the EEA coastline). In both cases the COAST_MAR field value=1. The EEA coastline dataset is available at with the previous version, this version includes the update 'Natura 2000 End 2018', by the EEA in 2019.For further information please visit the EEA's website.
Natura 2000 sites