Automatically-generated vector field, composed of the fields eastward_wind and northward_wind
For the Global Ocean - The IFREMER CERSAT Global Blended Mean Wind Fields include wind components (meridional and zonal), wind module, wind stress, and wind/stress curl and divergence. The associated error estimates are also provided. The estimation of the 6-hourly blended wind products make use of remotely sensed surface wind derived from scatterometers on board ASCAT-A and ASCAT-B (coastal winds) provided by KNMI, remotely wind speeds from the SSMIS radiometer onboard the F16, F17, F18, and F19 satellites provided by Remote Sensing Systems (RSS), and wind speed and direction from the WindSat radiometer onboard the Coriolis satellite, all used as observation inputs for the objective method dealing with the calculation of 6-hourly wind fields over global oceans with 0.25°×0.25° spatial resolution. L4 winds are calculated from L2b products in combination with ECMWF operational wind analyses from January 2016. The analysis is performed for each synoptic time (00h:00; 06h:00; 12h:00; 18h:00 UTC) and with a spatial resolution of 0.25° in longitude and latitude over the global ocean, with a short delay from the real time (24 - 48 hours) in a nominal mode. The blended products will be updated and made available when new remotely sensed data (such as AMSR) is available for Ifremer in near real time.