I would like to introduce you to the Marine Analyst: a service designed to ease your access to marine data and knowledge. The general ideal is that you enable and manage your own personal dashboard by generating and collating reports and analyses inside it. It is free and open. Just loggin with your email.
How it works?
Let's take the example of your favorite marine spot and Sea Surface Temperature SST. Since many years satellite observations record the SST and that information is available as open data. So that you are able to produce your own climate change analysis!
Step one : « define your area » and step two : click « Data access » to generate your report. Proceed in the same way for any other data of interest for your area. Ex: Bathymetry.
Your dashboad will store all your reports. These are "html" documents easy to share with your community. The Marine Analyst has a lot to offer. Enjoy and contribute by sending us your feedback. We take care of the technics for you.
1. Define your area of interest
2. Click "Access data" and follow instructions
3. Visualise data in your dashboard
* your email address is necessary to enable your dashboard. According to the Article 4(1) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have the right to request erasure of your email. Please send email to my-beach@knwocean.eu. Your request will be dealt without undue delay and within one month

Tip 1: to enable the [access data] button, define first your area of interest. Your area is then defined for all pages that you will visit and the display of interactive maps will also be faster.
Tip 2: by clicking « landing page » or « coordinates » from an existing report, reuse your defined area to create new reports and analyses